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Creative Editor

Ann Seoul Jeong - 정서울

jseoul02@gmail.com | (704) 401-9123


"I’m an explorer, a creator, an editor, a visualizer, a millennial.

I work hard, play hard...and Instagram even harder."


Kyo has always been a creative mentor and inspiration to me,

so it only felt natural to say "yes" when he asked me to be his creative editor for this project.

What does being a "creative editor" entail? I have no idea honestly.

I'm just here to make sure he dots his I's and crosses his T's,

as well as translate, edit, and format his content so he can focus on the important stuff,

like trying not to get killed by wild animals in parks.

자신의 본모습을 찾으려는 한 남자의 도전을 도와주는 평범한 여자.