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Mapping my Journey

 완성된 여행 route. My finalized route. 

완성된 여행 route. My finalized route. 

그동안 골머리를 썩히던 여행 루트짜기.

가장 힘들었던건 시작을 어느 곳에서 할 것인지 였다. 

몇달간의 긴 고민이 있었지만 어제까지도 구체적인 방향을 못 잡고 있었는데.. 

내가 구입한 작은 책 한권으로 계획과 방향이 몇시간 만에 정해졌다. 

시작은 South Central...

출발까지 24시간 남았다. 

The most difficult thing so far was planning this damn route for my trip. 

The hardest part was deciding where to go first.

I thought about it for a few months before, but even until yesterday I still had no idea really... 

But thanks to that small guidebook I purchased I was able to finally make a decision within a few hours. 

The start will be in the South Central...

T-24 hours.